pondelok 18. novembra 2013

Sooyoung bola podporit svoju sestru.

Sooyoung bola podporiť svoju sestru Choi Soojin na muzikále 'Le Passe Muraille', v ktorom hrá. Na prvej fotke je aj s jej bývalým spoluhercom v 'Dating Agency: Cyrano' Lee Jonghyunk.

I Went and Watched ByeokDdulNam ^-^
Touching and fresh !!
The songs are really good… As well as the small comedic moments in between
‘ByeokDdulNam’ is the best!!♥-♥


With senior Lee Jonghyuk~!!
Seobyung and Gonggitdol* meeting for the first time in a while hehe
Dutilleul** was really cool!!


This is a two-shot with my crybaby sister~♥
My really great and pretty unnie..
Improving.. With every performance!!
You’re my sister, but I send you applause!!
Musical ‘ByeokDdulNam’ hwaiting ^ㅡ^♥

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