utorok 18. novembra 2014

18. 11. 2014 SONE PLUS+ update

Po dlhom čase pridala novú správu na japonskú fan stránku aj naša dance queen. Baby sa pomaly pripravujú na ich veľký koncert v Tokyo Dome, na ktorý sa môžeme tešiť už 9. decembra.

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Hyoyeon.

How are you all doing? The cold days are continuing. Korea is already in the minus temperatures (cries)
I heard that Japan has also gotten cold, so everyone please be careful not to catch a cold.

For the scheduled "GIRLS' GENERATION -THE BEST LIVE- at TOKYO DOME" to be held in December, I'm heading to the place for our dance rehearsal
In order to have an even more wonderful performance and stages than the tour, I'm practicing hard with the members♪
I want to make unforgettable, splendid memories with all the fans at the end of this year. So let's all meet at Tokyo Dome ^^

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